Web3 trends of 2023

We just entered the year 2023, and we can see that the world of Web3 is overflowing with exciting trends and developments. From the continued growth of AI tech to the emergence of new decentralized platforms, Metaverses and protocols, this year promises to be a transformative one for Alterworld and the industry in general. With blockchain technology becoming more mainstream, we can expect to see more companies and organizations exploring the potential of Web3 to create new business models, improve efficiency and security, and enable greater transparency and decentralization. As we move further into the year, it will be interesting to watch as these trends unfold and shape the future of the Internet. 🌐

Key Web3 trends of 2023

Using AI in many spheres of Web3 

In the latter days of 2022, AI dominated many conversations in the Web3 world, but what is really exciting is the envisioning of all the ways it will impact the NFT market. 👾

Creators will include storytelling in their work using AI.   Imagine your favorite NFT evolving after moving on to the next level or connecting with other collectors in social mini-games. AI will not only assist in game creation but will also provide the essential elements of the artist’s unique style. As a result, it will now take a fraction of the time to construct a world that would have previously required months or even years.

Business Innovation by using AI tech and blockchain

Access has always been key, and 2023 will be flooded with new opportunities and types of content thanks to blockchain, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence. The incorporation of AI with Web3 technology is one of the most intriguing breakthroughs in this field. Artificial intelligence-powered chatbots and virtual assistants will simplify consumer communication for organizations by utilizing machine learning and natural language processing. In addition, users will be able to find new goods, services, and businesses with the aid of AI-powered recommendation engines. 🤖

Cloud computing enables both organizations and people to access and use computing resources through the Internet, enabling rapid and extensive scaling.

Web3 will expand by adding internal, client-facing, intermediary, and broadly owned digital computing nodes that can decide on behalf of all parties. Imagine having your own personal mini-computers running software that orders items from Amazon while you’re asleep and using the data to operate a drop-shipping or do a Metaverse land trading on Alterworld for you. 🏝️

Finally, blockchain is here to stay, but cryptocurrency is too busy acting like a hormonal teenager. Blockchain has the ability to alter the way we perceive online transactions by enabling safe, decentralized value exchanges that are both traceable and unchangeable. It will open up new possibilities for both people and corporations. Imagine never losing data again, macro or micro. Now, that is all possible thanks to blockchain technology.

The visionaries who master the fusion of all these technologies will advance more quickly than others. So, dear friends, dream big. Now, we can’t even say that the sky’s the limit, but your imagination. This is true because the instruments we have made for ourselves can do the frequently complex, time-consuming, or physically demanding procedures on your behalf. 😉

Simple and cheap creation of NFT collections

The creation and launch of NFT projects will be made incredibly simple in 2023, thanks to the creation of open-source solutions. The obstacles that prevent individuals from starting NFTs will be completely removed. It will be the Web3 industry’s “WordPress” moment. There will be no need for smart contract devs and expensive consultants.  

This technological advancement will encourage widespread invention, in the same way WordPress brought in millions of publishers and enabled anybody to post anything. Similar to WordPress, it will have an open design that will let third-party applications add features and functionality to NFT collections. 😍

When this occurs, hundreds of new use cases for NFTs will be made possible by artists and entrepreneurs. The future of Web3 will be built on this breakthrough, which will be available to everyone for free. 

Decentralized social networks 

Transition and bifurcation, which seem to be essentially two sides of the same coin, will be key phrases for Web3 in 2023.

Transition, as entrepreneurs and investors try to position technology in an evolving landscape of shifting economic contexts and large-cap tech stocks as volatile risk-on assets.

The separation of classic mainstream technology from new decentralized technology, as well as their respective business models (e.g., subscription and advertising vs co-creation, co-ownership, distributed computation, and “labor”), is leading to a bifurcation in the IT industry. As a result, entrepreneurs and investors will increasingly focus on one or the other or combine the two for a counterbalanced strategy. 😏

NFTs and tokens will provide real value to the Web3 communities

We can say that 2021 was the period of value extraction, 2022 was one of value neutrality, in which some new value was generated but also a lot of old value was destroyed, and 2023 will be a year of genuine value creation.

Instead of building successful communities, the goal will not only be to sell JPEGs for millions of dollars. Below you can see some examples of how this will look like: 👇

  • Popular singers will launch blockchain fan clubs with incredible benefits for their devoted supporters: tokenized web3 communities based on affinity rather than speculation. Also, the popular brand, Dunkin Donuts, will make a significant move on loyalty, following the footsteps of Starbucks.  🍩
  • Through airdrops, brands and creators will work together. Therefore, we can say that  2023 will be a terrific year if you’re looking forward to a future where marketing is more tokenized. For example, Outdoor Voices airdrops wearable Nike holders a discount coupon, or Mariah Carey sends her hew single to all holders of World of Women. 

Adoption of  Web3 led by big brands

Although 2022 was a difficult year for cryptocurrency, it was a fantastic year for Web3. Technology kept becoming better, and major brands and tech companies kept experimenting. The chances are that the adoption will increase significantly in 2023, and major tech and big brands will take the lead this year rather than speculative and retail-driven NFT ventures. 🚀

In Web3 in 2023, major tech organizations like Meta and Reddit are expected to soar. With over 5 million new users minting NFTs on Reddit in 2022, the platform is already in the lead. By the end of the year, this figure can easily surpass 15 million unique users. Additionally, Instagram currently makes it possible to mint and buy NFTs from posts inside of the app, albeit with a small number of creators so far. However, the initial testing has been quite fruitful so far, so this will could be made broadly accessible this year, leading to the creation of millions of new wallets and increased awareness of NFTs. Undoubtedly, Amazon, Google, and Snapchat will adopt a similar strategy.

On the big-brand stage, during the past two years, a number of the most well-known companies in the world have conducted small-scale experiments with NFTs. By 2023, major companies will finish experimenting with less than 10,000 NFT collections and will begin introducing NFTs in extremely large quantities and will offer distinctive experiences to audiences. Last year, Adidas took the lead with a 40K NFT collection, so in 2023, numerous brands can easily release 100K+ NFT collections. 📈

Choosing Your NFT Utility

That the business patterns that were prevalent in Web3 in 2022 will continue into 2023, with a decreased emphasis on short-term profits and a greater emphasis on clearly defined long-term value. Also, artificial intelligence will have an effect on every facet of Web3, including artwork, innovation, and copy.

The attention to long-term utility and AI will have the inevitable effect on accelerating the trend toward personalization across all facets of Web3. This has already been demonstrated in the metaverse with the Ready Player One avatars, but it will eventually make its way into NFTs in a variety of different ways. One day this can also be the case with AlterWorld! 🤩

In the beginning, we will see projects boost their long-term worth by offering holders the opportunity to “select their utility.” This goes beyond the scope of games, tokenomics, or the metaverse. Personalization will be achieved by utilizing AI to generate dynamic PFPs and increasing the level of customization available for the art. In addition, holders will be granted the ability to rename their NFTs on the blockchain, and a marketplace will be established in which holders can trade properties with one another.

Therefore, the combination of long-term value and customization will be the catalyst for companies to reinvent their previously unsuccessful NFT drops of 2022 while also allowing advertising to influence one’s NFT strategy. 😎


In conclusion, this year promises to be a landmark year for the Web3 ecosystem. One of the trends that is particularly noteworthy is the increasing use of AI and blockchain technology in various industries, which will enable the creation of new Metaverse platforms like AlterWorld. Another important trend that is gaining traction is the easy creation of NFT collections, which will enable artists, creators, and businesses to monetize their digital assets. As more people start to explore the use cases of NFTs, we can expect to see an increased focus on choosing the right NFT utilities, such as the ability to create decentralized social networks and real-value NFTs. So, as the Web3 ecosystem continues to evolve, it will be exciting to see how these trends shape the future of Web3 and how they will impact various industries. 🧐


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