Will the Metaverse affect the future of advertising?


Companies are interested in the Metaverse for a number of reasons. It allows them to interact with customers in so many unique ways. But reaching Gen Z and millennials is one of the key reasons companies are focusing on the Metaverse.

In a way that no video, advertisement, words, or image can, the Metaverse enables businesses to design their own world to promote their brand. Customers may have an entirely immersive experience because of the individuality of each world. :heart_eyes:

A much more realistic experience than conventional advertising is offered in the Metaverse. People may utilize the Metaverse, for instance, to examine things in their homes in 3D and at the correct sizes, such as IKEA’s Place, which allows you to see items inside a room. Conventional advertising does not provide opportunities to virtually test things in a home setting. 

Because not everyone has access to the Metaverse yet, businesses might appear creative to consumers. The Metaverse may be a solution for businesses to stick out and develop their own advertising strategy because traditional marketing faces increased competition. The Metaverse is more risky than traditional advertising since it is newer, and outcomes may be difficult to evaluate. Additionally, not all customers are into Metaverse. :neutral_face:

The Metaverse’s decentralization is an intriguing feature, according to LaFleur. Contrary to Facebook, when businesses and people use a platform controlled by another corporation, they have the chance to choose the surroundings they view. Online platforms like YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram, as well as other advertising channels, including magazines, radio, billboards, and banner advertisements, are examples of traditional advertising platforms that check the whole content before it goes live.

Key tips to marketing in the Metaverse

The Metaverse is all about giving users an experience. There are methods for advertisers to adopt a career in the Metaverse, whether they are promoting goods or services. Prior to entering the Metaverse, organizations should create goals and be careful because the platforms are always changing. In order to test customer response and make the required modifications, businesses should start small. 😉

Businesses should think about using the Metaverse to connect with their target audience. Also, they should offer virtual things that are comparable to those offered in physical stores if increasing sales is their primary objective. In order for individuals to have them both online and physically, they should make up a strategy to connect the two. For instance, Roblox generally attracts the younger population.

Here are a few strategies marketers might use to reach their target market in the Metaverse:

Make use of native advertising 

There are going to be possibilities for traditional advertising, such as product placement or billboards placed on a virtual street, as individuals explore the Metaverse. The Metaverse offers options for event sponsorship as well. In video games like Football Manager, there are virtual billboards for Coca-Cola and Samsung. Additionally, Fortnite and racing game in-game audio advertisements were used by the rapper Nas to promote his new album. :sparkles:

Design a customized metaverse platform

This is the priciest and most significant method of investing in the Metaverse. Businesses may design a world or a game that is specifically tailored to their product or service, but finding the right audience for this whole experience may require time, research, and a substantial budget. In order to help businesses produce virtual copies of their items, Shopify, for instance, just introduced its new AR & 3D shopping experience. Shopify is also developing its own NFT marketplace.

Make collectibles accessible

People like to collect things, and the Metaverse now offers a fresh way to start a new collection. Additionally, users may exchange digital collectibles with one another. For instance, Nike is developing blockchain-secured NFTs for digital items that are one-of-a-kind and guarantee ownership. :closed_lock_with_key:

Create live interactive events

When the pandemic struck, many events became virtual, but the Metaverse may elevate them to a whole new level. These events are interactive and provide 3D possibilities. In order to feel less isolated, remote workers will also be able to be present physically in the Metaverse. The Metaverse could be more versatile and cost-effective, allowing for interactivity and cooperation. This is accomplished by viewing and resolving issues in 3D as opposed to the 2D constraints of current virtual meetings. 

Interact with established communities

Businesses shouldn’t enter an established community and try to sell their products to their members. Instead, they should focus on the platform’s style. Interact with existing users to develop user-generated content, such as text, videos, images, and audio, and they may naturally assist in carrying out a marketing campaign.

Establish your metaverse marketing objectives

You desire to participate in the Metaverse, but why is that? Do you want to raise brand exposure among younger fans, place your brand and foster a positive attitude, or foster loyalty if your target market is already there? Is it your intention to inspire creativity in your advertising department? Since the sales of most virtual goods are still far lower than those of physical goods in the short term, companies shouldn’t focus their efforts primarily on increasing direct sales. Additionally, the younger demographic of today’s metaverse consumers, particularly on digital platforms like Roblox, brings both potential and concerns. :eyes:

Let consumers try out items

Businesses are able to view a 3D representation of a product before purchasing it via virtual and augmented reality. For a virtual 3D tour of the car, automakers like Porsche and Hyundai have set up viewing areas and events online. Customers don’t really need to leave their houses to explore a new product since businesses can do things like use augmented reality in order to see items in their houses or try on clothes.

Leverage and cooperate for new metaverse possibilities 

As with any new project, companies should evaluate the skills that they will need for the Metaverse, determine which ones they already possess and which ones they have to learn and hire someone that will lead the creation and implementation of a clear plan to capture value. Additionally, brands ought to try to collaborate with and pick up knowledge from others, such as independent developers and creative communities that are currently present on the platforms. :relieved:

Challenges to metaverse marketing

The Metaverse’s novelty, which discourages businesses from entering, is one of its greatest obstacles. Many people find it problematic that there is no regulatory body.

Technology itself might provide difficulties. Users require the latest tech gadgets, such as pricey VR headsets or lenses and high-end PCs, to completely immerse themselves in the Metaverse. These technologies are not available to everyone, which may restrict marketers’ ability to reach a wider audience. Businesses that wish to build their individual platforms and experiences must also make considerable investments and possess the necessary tools and expertise.

Additionally, companies must comprehend the Metaverse in order to avoid offending customers with their advertising. It must seem natural and blend within the Metaverse in order to be effective.

In the Metaverse, cybersecurity issues can also arise. Data privacy is always at risk whenever businesses need a consumer to verify his identity before making a transaction. There is minimal assistance available to help fix issues, and also, the metaverse identities could be stolen. :oncoming_police_car:


Levels of creativity and consumer adoption should undoubtedly increase regardless of how the Metaverse progresses. Brands will clearly have incentives to continue trying and learning, given how rapidly platforms are growing and new use cases are emerging. Additionally, it will be crucial for marketers to find the expertise they need to stay up with the quick-moving innovations in fields like social commerce, customer journey analytics, and virtual and augmented reality.

Additionally to marketing, the Metaverse offers enormous potential in the future. Businesses should take the time to consider the strategy required for Metaverse’s operations, production, sales, and HR in order to provide value throughout the whole organization. :simple_smile:

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