Which challenges arise around the whole Metaverse thing?


We already have heard of what the Metaverse is, how it can be used, and what we can do in it. However, another equally important subject that we have to consider is the adversities that arise from it. Below, we will explore some of the most fundamental problems we know of when it comes to using the Metaverse.

 1. Identity & Reputation in the Metaverse

We all know how easy proving your identity is in the real world. Just by sending some documents like a Passport, ID, or Proof of Address, we are able to verify our identity on various online platforms. This verification is also known as KYC (Know Your Customer) procedure. However, this process is going to be much more complicated in the Metaverse. 


Chances are that there will be people and bots trying to steal your virtual identity. With all these technologies around, it can be pretty easy to forge someone’s identity, footage, voice, and even facial features. Some of them might try to mimic someone else’s identity and then pretend to be someone else. This can create havoc all over the Metaverse because someone’s reputation can be destroyed. 


So, the ideal Metaverse will be secured in a way that no one else except you will be able to use your avatar or even pose as you. That’s why advanced verification methods in the near future are of crucial importance. 

2. Security & Data in the Metaverse

Even today, we are facing some problems when it comes to IT security systems. We are constantly reading news about the latest hacks, online thefts, and other kinds of IT criminal activities. Suppose we want to enjoy the Metaverse without worrying about the security of our personal and private data. In that case, we will have to create some security methods that will operate on a better level. 


Also, many people are going to have their own possessions (NFTs) in the Metaverse, and we all know how valuable these possessions can be. So, be prepared for advanced security systems that will ask for more personal data than what is required today in order to identify oneself and ensure the efficiency of the whole security system.

3. Payment Systems & Currencies in the Metaverse

Almost two decades have passed since the birth of the first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin. Also, the biggest online marketplaces like eBay and Amazon are many years into the industry, and they managed to acquire millions of users and consumers. We expect the same thing to happen with the Metaverse, where millions of people will be able to access a virtual marketplace by connecting fiat money and cryptocurrencies. This is a must if we want to experience fast and secure transactions and exchanges. So, in order to achieve this requirement, there must be some new methods for verifying all transactions. Once we get there, the people and users of the Metaverse can feel safe while trading and engaging with other users and services. 

4. Laws and legislation in the Metaverse

Many crypto experts are already speaking about the challenges that we will be facing in terms of laws and legislation in the Metaverse. As for now, the Metaverse is a lawless place where people can do as they please. We should be concerned about this, especially after some unpleasant experiences that some users had. We are speaking of the incident where a group of several people sexually harassed a girl. 


Since the Metaverse is looking forward to becoming as real as it can, these experiences can also be very realistic, so many people can even get traumas after such incidents. Keeping that in mind, we can say that the real struggle will be bringing many people to the Metaverse while working on the Metaverse’s laws. After all, no one wants to be bullied, and there have to be some penalties for such acts. 

5. Properties and Ownership in the Metaverse

The Metaverse is going to be a virtual world where interacting with other people, and the world will require some purchases and possessions of different assets and items. Non Fungible Tokens, also known as NFTs, are going to be even more attractive in the Metaverse because they are used both as assets and tokens. Also, their popularity has been on the rise since the crypto project CryptoKitties in 2017. 


Today, significant portion of crypto investors are there just because of the NFT craze that happened in 2021. Since every NFT is a unique token, they have been one of the most wanted digital assets among scammers and hackers. So, if we keep in mind that the NFTs are granting ownership of art, videos, music, and much more, the real struggle will be to build the Metaverse in a way that can later be used to verify these virtual possessions.

6. Network and Community in the Metaverse

One of the biggest purposes of the Metaverse is to connect people from all over the world into a unified virtual world. The ways in which we will communicate are going to depend on the technologies that will be used to enhance the communication field. For example, some people might use the Metaverse just for casual conversations with strangers, while others might seize the moment and use it for business purposes. In those cases, we will need advanced motion capture and haptic technologies in order to have smooth experiences, both in terms of feeling and touching. 

7. Time and Space in the Metaverse

The time is relative, we have all heard that phrase. Also, we all know how fast time can “fly” when we are having fun or playing something, especially a video game. If gaming can be very addictive, imagine how addictive virtual gaming or living in the Metaverse can be! Once people start using the Metaverse on a daily basis, you can be sure that many of us are going to get lost in time. It will be quite easy for you to think that you are 30 minutes in while you have spent a few hours engaging with other Metaverse avatars. 


Another important factor is the space in the Metaverse. Because there are no limits on how big a Metaverse can be, suddenly, we might find ourselves flying with a kind of Iron Man suit into the vast areas of the Metaverse. This might cause us some problems because we will be seeing much more information and data than we are used to. That is why every new user of the Metaverse will have to receive a kind of guidance after which he will be more aware of the adversities of this whole new world. 

8. The health-related side effects of the Metaverse

Since we started using mobile phones and computers, we have heard about the warnings that come with them. For example, we know that every electronic device emits certain radiation that usually is harmless to people. Also, we know that mobile devices, especially some apps, are made in a way, so it can be hard for you to turn them off. These behaviors can be harmful both to our physical and mental health. 


To enter the Metaverse, we will have to wear some tech gadgets such as VR headsets, AR glasses, movement tracking sensors, etc. However, we still don’t know how our bodies and minds are going to react after using them for a long period. 


On the other hand, by wearing our personalized avatars in the Metaverse, we won’t have to go and hit the gym in order to look good. Instead, people can hide behind their virtual avatars, which can be a real danger. This will be especially true for users who will get immersed in this virtual world. Furthermore, instead of focusing on the real world, people will be able to customize their avatar in terms of facials, body size, skin color, and much more. 


Psychologically speaking, when we are in an “all rainbows and butterflies” place, and suddenly we have to go back into the real world by facing real-life problems, some psychological problems may arise. In those scenarios, even more people will become depressed. Then, they will be more prone to living in the Metaverse, which will furthermore worsen the situation. So, we will all have to learn how to be more disciplined, keep track of time, and create a balance between living in the real world and the Metaverse.



Now that you know of the many problems that the Metaverse as a project is going to face, you will be more educated and prepared on how to avoid these traps. It is true that people can benefit a lot from the Metaverse, especially artists, businesses, entrepreneurs, and designers, but our mental and physical health should always be our top priority! So, yes, you are free to explore and enjoy the Metaverse, but do not forget about the real world you live in, with all your friends and family in it!

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