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Frequently Asked Qustions

How to Purchase a Land Area?

1.       Go to Purchase Land Page from the top navigation
2.       A grid of 10mX10m is shown on the map
3.       Navigate to the area where the land needs to be purchased either by dragging the map or using the search option given above map.
4.       Click on grid boxes to select the grid
5.       Once selected the grid boxes are highlighted
6.       In case deselection is required – click on the highlighted grid box again to deselect it.
7.       The Right hand side, selection Info panel shows the total tiles selected along with the Address of last tile selected.
8.       Click on checkout button to proceed further
9.       If the user is not logged in, you will be taken to login screen where user can either login or Register
10.   After login you see a summary of your tiles selected and total amount to be paid for review.
11.   Click on Buy now button and pay the amount.

How to Sell a Land Area?

1.       Once the purchase is completed, the land can be seen in users’ profile and user can put that land on sale by clicking Put on sale button.
2.       Once user click on Put on sale button, the user can give the amount on which the land needs to be put on sale.
3.       Once the land is on sale, it will be visible to public in Marketplace page.

I accepted or submitted a bid and I received (or I was charged) the wrong price.

If a bid seems to report the wrong price please verify the transactions page for more information. If needed please contact our support team for further explanations providing the Alter World email address, properties’ links, and any secondary account link involved during the process.

I purchased land but it is not showing up on my profile.

If you have been charged for the purchase of land back to your payment provider but you have not received the land you purchased, please reach out to us and we will give you the option of a refund or possibly adding credit to your account.

I am trying to pay or add funds to my account but my debit card keeps being rejected or the services offered are not supported in my country.

Alter World maintains strict checks on funds coming into the platform and we do reject payments if something does not seem right. There are also cases where your bank may stop payment to us because it is outside your normal purchase behavior – for these cases we suggest you contact your bank and notify them that it is you trying to process a purchase on Global Peace.

I added funds to my account but those are not showing up on my balance.

There can occasionally be a delay with the payment process which can also delay the credits appearing on your Alter World balance. We kindly suggest being patient while waiting for the transaction to complete. Please do not continue to click or refresh the webpage until the transaction has finished processing. We run checks on the name and address of the credit/debit card being used to avoid fraud and other payment issues. Depending on a number of varying factors, it may take some time to refresh your holdings.
If the added funds do not show up, it means that the transaction most likely failed. In this instance, the charges would be reversed and should disappear from your card transaction history within 72 hours of purchase. If after 72 hours the purchase amount still does not show up on your account and remains debited on your card statement, please contact your card provider to confirm whether that the payment was cancelled or reversed.
If the issue persists, please contact our support service and we will assist you in solving the issue.

Why was my withdrawal rejected?

If your requested withdrawal from your Alter World account balance has been processed but has failed, it means that Alter World has approved the payout, but something went wrong during the process after we have approved the payout. The transaction was not accepted or the payment to the card did not function.
Additionally, please make sure and confirm to us that you have taken the following steps:
Reach out to your bank to let them know that this is a new deposit to your card, not to your bank account, arriving in USD and not a generated reimbursement to the card. The bank needs to authorize card payments coming from Alter World.
The documents used to verify your account need to match the details registered on the debit/credit card you used for the withdrawal (cardholder name and billing address). Otherwise, the withdrawal might fail or get denied.
The name on the card you used to perform purchases on your Alter World Account should also match the name on the card you’re using to withdraw funds.
You can try using another Master/Visa credit card under your name that may help the withdrawal succeed.

I got my money subtracted from my account but I didn’t receive any email updating me about the withdrawal request status.

You can find an updated status on your withdrawal request on the Transaction History and the Settings page of your Alter World account.
If you would like to report an issue with the withdrawal process, please contact our support team and we will investigate.

It seems as if I have received an amount less than what I requested for withdrawal.

Additional fees may be applied to various transfers by your bank and other institutions. We will always attempt to notify you of the amount dispatched but please be aware small deductions could take place once we have sent the funds. For more information please contact your service provider.

My account did not update after I received my withdrawal.

Sometimes it takes some time to update your account. If after 24 hours your account is still reporting the money you already received with the withdrawal process please contact our support team with your Alter World email address so we can further investigate. Please do not spend the money exceeding or still not deducted from your account since it may cause a negative balance, possible account suspension, and more.

My bank did not receive any money from the withdrawal process, did something go wrong?

If the funds have been deducted from your Alter World account, it means that your withdrawal is in the final stages of processing. This is to prevent users from spending their credit while the funds are being disbursed. As with most transfers of funds around the world, this might take some time and we kindly ask for your continued patience until the process completes.
Please also ensure that your credit card can receive USD (or the currency sent to you) as this can often be the reason why a successful transfer can take additional time to clear.
Please be also sure that your bank is aware that the payout is a new deposit to the card, not to the bank account and that it is arriving in USD (or the currency sent to you). It is not a generated reimbursement to the card. The bank may need to authorize card payments coming from Alter World.
On top of that, be sure that the card used for withdrawals matches the card used for purchases on the Alter World account and that the verification ID for your Alter World account matches the details on your card.
If the above is not met, it could result in the withdrawal failing or being denied.

Which information do you need to process my withdrawal request?

Directions to withdraw from your account can be found on your Settings page. We are constantly reviewing additional methods to dispatch withdrawals to our users.

How much time does my withdrawal request take to be processed?

There is no exact estimate for the withdrawal process to be completed. The time needed to process a withdrawal request may vary for several reasons. At peak times, New World can receive a large volume of withdrawals which, in turn, can create longer waiting periods for those requesting a withdrawal. Additionally, if your account has a large trading history, this can also take longer to review.
Each account is checked at the point of referral to ensure for your own safety that no suspicious activity has occurred and that users are receiving the correct amount. We check if accounts have directly or indirectly been related to any such activity and, if something is triggered, the withdrawal will enter a separate queue that is then reviewed by a specialist team. This can take time and we do appreciate your patience. In order for New World to function long term, we need to eliminate any abuse of our systems.


User just purchased a land
[{"area_name":"AUTONOMOUS REPUBLIC OF CRIMEA","price_per_tile":"10.82","area_id":"1","change_per":"8.200000"},{"area_name":"CHERKASY","price_per_tile":"13.58","area_id":"2","change_per":"35.800000"},{"area_name":"CHERNIHIV","price_per_tile":"11.37","area_id":"3","change_per":"13.700000"},{"area_name":"CHERNIVTSI","price_per_tile":"11.32","area_id":"4","change_per":"13.200000"},{"area_name":"DNIPROPETROVSK","price_per_tile":"11.03","area_id":"5","change_per":"10.300000"},{"area_name":"DONETSK","price_per_tile":"12.18","area_id":"6","change_per":"21.800000"},{"area_name":"IVANO-FRANKIVSK","price_per_tile":"10.59","area_id":"7","change_per":"5.900000"},{"area_name":"KHARKIV","price_per_tile":"10.64","area_id":"8","change_per":"6.400000"},{"area_name":"KHERSON","price_per_tile":"10.93","area_id":"9","change_per":"9.300000"},{"area_name":"KHMELNYTSKY","price_per_tile":"10.69","area_id":"10","change_per":"6.900000"},{"area_name":"KIROVOHRAD","price_per_tile":"10.85","area_id":"11","change_per":"8.500000"},{"area_name":"KYIV","price_per_tile":"13.17","area_id":"12","change_per":"31.700000"},{"area_name":"LUHANSK","price_per_tile":"10.62","area_id":"13","change_per":"6.200000"},{"area_name":"LVIV","price_per_tile":"10.32","area_id":"14","change_per":"3.200000"},{"area_name":"MYKOLAIV","price_per_tile":"10.36","area_id":"15","change_per":"3.600000"},{"area_name":"ODESSA","price_per_tile":"10.36","area_id":"16","change_per":"3.600000"},{"area_name":"POLTAVA","price_per_tile":"10.67","area_id":"17","change_per":"6.700000"},{"area_name":"RIVNE","price_per_tile":"10.09","area_id":"18","change_per":"0.900000"},{"area_name":"SEVASTOPOL","price_per_tile":"10.49","area_id":"19","change_per":"4.900000"},{"area_name":"SUMY","price_per_tile":"10.07","area_id":"20","change_per":"0.700000"},{"area_name":"TERNOPIL","price_per_tile":"10.07","area_id":"21","change_per":"0.700000"},{"area_name":"VINNYTSIA","price_per_tile":"10.05","area_id":"22","change_per":"0.500000"},{"area_name":"VOLYN","price_per_tile":"10.07","area_id":"23","change_per":"0.700000"},{"area_name":"ZAKARPATTIA","price_per_tile":"10.06","area_id":"24","change_per":"0.600000"},{"area_name":"ZAPORIZHZHYA","price_per_tile":"10.73","area_id":"25","change_per":"7.300000"},{"area_name":"ZHYTOMYR","price_per_tile":"10.06","area_id":"26","change_per":"0.600000"},{"area_name":"\u0425\u043c\u0435\u043b\u044c\u043d\u0438\u0446\u044c\u043a\u0438\u0439","price_per_tile":"10.00","area_id":"27","change_per":"42.857143"}]